Legislative Transparency

Since I’m asking for your vote in November, you have a right to see what I’ve been doing and voting on for this session. This is your one-stop shop for seeing just that. All information below is from the non-partisan MichiganVotes, a service of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy that provides a great deal of information about the Michigan Legislature.

 My Missed Votes

I make a point on showing up to work, even if I’m sick. In the above link, you will see that I missed exactly ten votes, though, on May 21, 2015. That Thursday session took place in the waning hours of my wife’s labor for our first child’s birth. Needless to say, I missed those ten votes for that day’s session, but they have been my only missed votes.

 I Don’t Just Vote the Party Line

I went to Lansing in 2015 with the intent to do what is right based on my beliefs and those of the constituents of the 59th district. While I naturally often vote with other Republicans, it is not always the case. I will always vote for what is right and vote against what is wrong no matter who is on my side. As it is, I have voted against the majority of my party in the Michigan House of Representatives sixty-three times as of August 2016, which is reported by the link above. That shows that I’m willing to hold principle over party.

 View All of My Votes

At the above link, you can not only see each and every one of my roll-call votes for 2015-2016, but you can also view the bills that I have introduced to date.


No matter what the topic, I read each and every bill that I vote on other than appropriations bills.  This way, nothing is a surprise to me when it comes up for a vote.  You deserve to know that your representative has researched all sides thoroughly and that is why I make sure that I read everything.