The following are several ways in which you can get involved and volunteer your time, donations and service.

  • Request a Yard Sign
  • Donate
  • Go Door to Door with Aaron, His Friends and Family
  • Host a Meet-and-Greet at Your Home
  • Tell a Friend about Aaron
  • Let Aaron know about an Opportunity to Volunteer in Your Area
  • Sign Up for Email Updates

If you’re like many others in America, perhaps you’re slightly apolitical. I told myself two years ago that, no matter if I won or lost, I was going to get more involved. You can and should do the same thing. I know that, whenever I am done serving as your state representative, I will be staying involved.

  • Attend your Local Government Meetings – No matter where you live, you reside in a city or a township.  No matter who you are, you reside in a county.  If you reside in a township, you may also be in a village.  All of these entities are served by boards that are elected by you.  To know when your city, village, township, or county boards meet, visit the county websites for Cass County and St. Joseph County.
  • Serve on a Local Board – Each zoned municipality in Michigan has a zoning board of appeals and virtually every Michigan municipality has a planning commission.  Numerous other boards exist, too.  Your township or city may have a library board, a fire board, a police board, a parks board, etc.  Sadly too often, local government boards struggle to find willing members to put time and effort into these boards.  That can be you.  Remember, it’s all about making your community a better place.
  • Attend your Local School Board Meeting – Just like a local government has ultimate authority over where you live, an elected school board elected by you has similar authority over the school system for your school district in which you live.  Visit your local school district’s website to find out when your board meets.
  • Attend your Local Party Meetings and Get Involved – The St. Joseph County Republican Party meets on every fourth Monday (with some exceptions) at the Dresser Business Auditorium portion of Glen Oaks Community College in rural Sherman Township. You can find a Facebook page for the group online.  The Cass County Republican Party meets on every fourth Tuesday (with some exceptions) at the original Cass County Courthouse in downtown Cassopolis. The Cass County Republican Party is also on Facebook, but they host a group instead of a page.  I am a proud member of both county parties and attend almost every monthly meeting for both.
  • Run for Precinct Delegate – Do you ever wonder who decides who is on the ballot for Michigan Board of Education or for Michigan Supreme Court?  Do you ever wonder how people become appointed to national or state conventions?  What is the most basic local public office in Michigan?  Precinct delegates accomplish all of the above and the position is the most basic office you can run for.  Every two years, each precinct elects delegates to each party’s county convention, hence the name.  Those delegates decide who to send to state conventions and therefore who helps choose many important statewide candidates such as attorney general, secretary of state, and Supreme Court justices.  Good news!  Running for precinct delegate is very simple.
  • Run for Elected Office Yourself – Do you wish to see changes in your community?  Do you think enough like-minded people exist that have similar beliefs in your district/community?  Maybe running for office is for you.  It is a tough role and often thankless, but I know that you can help effect good change through public service.