The 2016 general election will take place on November 8 to decide who will serve as president of the United States, U.S. representative, state representative, Michigan Supreme Court justices, members of the Michigan Board of Education, university board members, and in a host of important local positions. I need you to vote on November 8 and let your voice be heard. To vote in November, you must have registered to vote at your current residence once in the past. If you are not registered, the deadline to do so to be able to vote in November is October 11.

To register to vote, you can either go to your county clerk’s office in Cassopolis or Centreville or a Secretary of State branch. To verify your registration, see a sample ballot for Election Day, request an absentee ballot, or to find your polling location, visit the address that is easy to remember:  Contact me if you have questions about elections.